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Woodhoy is on a mission to combine Italian fashion with a sustainable supply chain and premium quality sunglasses that don't impact the environment. 

They are dedicated to taking on some of the planet’s most challenging problems facing us in modern times. Woodhoy have built their foundations on removing the impact of waste in the world, while supporting rainforests through Cool Earth. They focus on creating fun and amazingly stylish sunglasses made from the highest quality natural materials that are affordable. 

Woodhoy’s mantra is “ethically handcrafted wooden sunglasses that look cool and do good.”

 You can browse our range of Woodhoy wooden sunglasses here.

Don’t forget that every time you purchase a pair of Woodhoy sunnies on Surf Zero you offset and remove 200kgs of carbon from our atmosphere, 1kg of plastic waste (approx 50 x 500ml plastic bottles) removed from ocean bound waterways and 3 trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world. That’s a massive impact from one purchase!