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Surfyogis was born in 2007 when three surfer mates came together to create a surfscreen that would protect them from the relentless tropical sun in Bali. Using only natural ingredients they created a surfscreen formula from natural cacao, coconut, beeswax, vanilla bean, coffee extract, castor oil and zinc oxide. They shared it amongst their friends, and it was quickly proven to work in the most demanding tropical heat all the time.

This is one product that is genuinely natural and reef safe, so much so that Surfyogis claim it’s that organic and natural you can actually eat it!

The Surfyogis vision is for a chemical free and cleaner environment, they are making reef safe surfscreens for people to protect themselves from the sun without harming the reefs and oceans.

Since 2007 the Surfyogis surfscreen has been put to the test throughout Indonesia and the rest of the world. They have grown into one of the most reputable surfscreen brands around.

Surfyogis Feel Good Factor FGF 108+

Check out the Surf Zero range of Surfyogis organic surf zinc here.


Don’t forget that every time you purchase your Surfyogis surfscreen on Surf Zero you offset and remove 200kgs of carbon from our atmosphere, 1kg of plastic waste (approx 50 x 500ml plastic bottles) removed from ocean bound waterways and 3 trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world. That’s a massive impact from one purchase!