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Puka Patch | Brand Info & Surfboard Ding Repair Product Range

The Puka Patch and the Rail Saver Pro was developed by the innovative woodworking company FastCap and has quickly become the “go to” method of ding repair for surfers and SUP users.

The Puka Patch and the Railsaver PRO is the ultimate ding repair fix for your surfboard because you can literally Puka patch your surfboard and get back to surfing in minutes. The Puka Patch and Railsaver PRO instantly seals dings and cracks on surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and all kinds of personal watercraft. It can even stick to wet surfaces and surf wax.

Coming in a variety of sizes the Puka Patch is a truly innovative solution to using toxic adhesives and materials that are commonly used for surfboard repairs that are harmful to yourself and the environment.

Check out the Surf Zero range of Puka Patch surfboard ding repair kits below:

 Don’t forget that every time you purchase your Puka Patches on Surf Zero you offset and remove 200kgs of carbon from our atmosphere, 1kg of plastic waste (approx 50 x 500ml plastic bottles) removed from ocean bound waterways and 3 trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world. That’s a massive impact from one purchase!