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Mid Length Surfboards

Check out our Mid Length in a variety of options below.

Made to order and handcrafted by Eco Evo Surf, one of the leading surfboard shapers in the eco surfing industry.

Every time you make a purchase on Surf Zero: 200kgs of Carbon is offset and removed from the atmosphere, 1kg of plastic waste is removed from ocean bound areas and 3 trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world!

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    Original price $1,120.00
    Current price $1,070.00

    Middy by Eco Evo Surf

    It’s finally here, our mid-length model, "Middy". This board is FUN! The Middy is the perfect board to fill out your quiver. Its ideal for people t...

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    Original price $1,120.00
    Current price $1,070.00
    Save 4%