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EcoPro | Cork Traction Pads | Brand Profile & Product Collection

EcoPro - Driven by nature are leading the way in sustainability and cork traction technology.

Based in Portugal, EcoPro has developed a range of tail pads made from 100% cork, making these surfboard tail pads some of the most eco friendly and sustainable tail pads in the world.

EcoPro are making strides in sustainability by supporting the cork forest and plantations. The cork industry is considered to be CO2 energy neutral, because more than 60% of the energy needs are met by the cogeneration of the cork dust in electrical energy.

The cork plantations and forests around the world together create a massive amount of oxygen and provides retention and storage for over 20 million tonnes of CO2. 

By using cork as their base material EcoPro (and you as the customer) are helping support and sustain the cork forests that:

  • Fight climate change.
  • Prevent soil degradation.
  • Regulate water cycles.
  • Combat desertification.
  • Creates employment for locals.

EcoPro tail pads are cutting edge with performance at the forefront of design, being ultra light while providing super traction under foot, these tail pads are some of the best on the market for competitive or recreational surfing. 
EcoPro have also been finalists and nominated for multiple awards in the sports/surfing industry for innovation in recent years.

Check the Surf Zero range of EcoPro Surfboard Cork Tail Pads below:

Don’t forget that every time you purchase your EcoPro surfing gear on Surf Zero you offset and remove 200kgs of carbon from our atmosphere, 1kg of plastic waste (approx 50 x 500ml plastic bottles) removed from ocean bound waterways and 3 trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world. That’s a massive impact from one purchase!