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Eco Evo Surf Surfboards | Brand Profile & Full Surfboard Collection

Eco Evo Surf stands for the Eco-friendly Evolution of Surfing. 

Eco Evo Surf are an Australian owned and operated surfboard builder that’s on a mission to slash carbon emissions created from surfboard production.

All boards are generally made of 3 main components:

  • Recycled Foam Blank (up to 65%).
  • Flax Cloth (flax is edible and one the most sustainable plants on Earth).
  • Bio Based Resin & Hardener (this is non-carcinogenic, so it’s safe for shapers and there is not leaching into the environment).

Eco Evo Surf plants 5 trees for every board they build, meaning they are carbon neutral.

If you add that to the 3 trees Surf Zero plant's plus the 200kgs of carbon and 1kg of plastic waste we remove for every purchase made on the Surf Zero website that’s a massive positive impact your purchase has had on the planet!

You can check out the range of Eco Evo Surf sustainable eco surfboards below:

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