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10 exotic surf spots for your next surfing trip

10 exotic surf spots for your next surfing trip

75% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and that means there is going to be loads of surf spots all around the world in all kinds of locations.

We have came up with a quick list of exotic surf spots from all different countries that would make for some really insane stories to tell.


Hainan Island in China

Believe it or not, China has areas one could liken to Hawaii for size and climate, and offers up a variety of tropical options for a surfer’s delight. The weather is warm and humid, and the island itself, particularly the East side, picks up plenty of swell. Solid northeastern and eastern swells are pretty consistent during their typhoon season and smaller (around 3 feet during the “off season”.) The surf industry has recently taken an interest in this area with new resorts and businesses springing up as well as the ISA Hainan International Surfing Festival they hold in the area each New Year. China could possibly be the sleeping giant of surfing as surfing is becoming more mainstream and accessible in China.


Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has popped up on the surfer’s radar over the past few years, and spots that used to be remote and untouched are now becoming more and more popular and even crowded in certain places. Due to the majestic quality of the land and culture here, Sri Lanka is a surf destination with some incredible structural, geological and cultural experiences to have along the way.

This particular bay is home to the most famous point break in the country and offers many affordable accommodations for a surfer’s budget. The wave offers conditions for all levels of surfing, so you get the full spectrum of travelers here. It is said that Arugam Bay itself is rather touristy, so staying on the South Shore is even a more affordable option. There are also many beautiful, expansive beaches in the area and a great social scene.



Tamraght in Morocco

Not only will you get an amazing and rich Moroccan cultural experience, Tamraght is a great surfing location with a range of beach and reef breaks for surfers of all skill levels where you can experiment with a variety of waves and also enjoy the surrounding Moroccan vibes. Plus the Moroccan food is out of this world.

With great weather and surf all year round, beginners can spend time with the waves at any time in the year. The best time to visit this beautiful shore, if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, is between the months of October through April.

You can find surf spots for all experience levels, if you’re starting out Banana Beach and Anza are the go to spots. If your experienced and looking for bigger breaks you have Killer Point and the world famous Anchor Point break… who doesn’t want to surf a break named Killer Point?



* We originally had a Russian surf spot listed, however because of current events Russia can get f@#ked *



Sunset Beach in the United Arab Emirates

When you think of classic surf destinations, Dubai doesn’t really come to mind. Sunset Beach (aka Umm Suqeim Beach) has a great little surf spot and surf schools and while you’re not going to get a mad surf session the experience of Surfing in Dubai would be well worth it.

They didn’t muck around building Dubai either, having been built from almost nothing 50 years ago so it’s not surprising they have things like smart palms and smart poles installed on the beaches which illuminates the beaches using wind and solar energy during the day. Due to the lighting you can be in water all night.

Being Dubai there is no shortage of accommodation or transport either.



Skeleton Bay (AKA Donkey Bay) in Namibia

So by now we have probably all heard about Skeleton Bay. It has been known as the surfing “Holy Grail” as this break is the longest sand-bottom left hander in the world. It’s hard to disagree, when you watch the video clips of surfers riding these waves for what seems like forever. This break is a heavy and fast moving left hand tube that’s accompanied by strong rips so it’s advised for only experienced surfers. Apparently your leg muscles start screaming and giving out due to the time you ride this beast for, but it will be the most insane and amazing 1-2km ride of your life.

Skeleton Bay is located along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast on the outskirts of Walvis Bay. This is around a 45 minute drive from Walvis Bay or a 6 hour drive from Windhoek. This particular wave won’t break if the conditions don’t align, and when the swell does start pumping it won’t last much more than a couple of days. There are no resorts or accommodation nearby, which makes it more authentic and real- as camping on beach is great for the soul. 



Pipa in Brazil

One of the best destinations to surf in Brazil is Pipa which is found in the northern region and offers a variety of breaks, particularly long, hollow rights. This place is known by most Brazilian surfers but it’s not as well known to tourists and backpackers. This means you may be able to snag a few to yourself without all of the hype.

The spot is good for both beginners and experienced surfers. So, if you are looking for that chilled-out bohemian vibe, then this is the place to be. Get your surfboard and enjoy the warm water and punchy, rip-able waves here!



Kenting in Taiwan

There’s a secretly hidden spot that travelers love to go to with dreamy and solid waves. It offers the best Taiwan surfing beach like no other.

Kenting is one of the world-class surfing places with waves that will get your adrenaline rushing. And the best part of it all, you don’t have to spend your entire vacay in the sea. You can head down to Kenting National Park that’s located a few miles from the beach. With solid, consistent waves all year round, Kenting is like the golden city for surfers.



The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia

If you’d like to be hit by a barrage of solid and consistent waves, then the Mentawai islands is one destination you won’t want to miss. It’s one of the most consistent surfer destinations in the world. To get the best surfing experience, you can visit this island between the months of June and September (although it usually takes a lot of travel time to get there) and the island is accessible by charters or ferry.



Bingin Beach in Bali

What comes to the top of our mind as surfers when we think of exotic surf trips? The islands of Indonesia. And more specifically, Bali. Among other epic surf spots to test out ones surfing skills in Bali, Bingin Beach (on the Bukit Peninsula) is one of the best-surfing destinations in the world for all wave lovers. This little beach is a great place if you are also looking for a relaxing evening to take in authentic Balinese life.

This surf spot is a perfect, hollow left-hander over a reef, so it is for mostly advanced surfers. As the wave starts to slow down it will suck out and get really hollow against the shallow reef that’s found underneath. When the conditions align, you can easily find yourself inside a nice barrel. Of course be mindful that it gets extremely shallow here and can result in being punished across the reef.

There is no shortage of accommodation with plenty of resorts, hotels, AirBNB’s and guesthouses along the beach that you can unpack in so it’s fairly easy to get to.

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